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Question: velocity setting in the Track menu


Wish to have some clarification, please. It is my understanding that If I enter a value between 0 - 127 in the velocity field from the track menu, my midi keyboard becomes no more operational when the setting is OFF (as velocity sensitivity) on my DX 11.

As the entry in Logic will override my midi controller setting in my DX11.

Therefore, it is my understanding to just leave the velocity sensitivity values empty in Logic, to continue playing software synths from my DX 11 Keyb with its velocity sensitive set to off



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Dec 15, 2017 2:43 PM in response to Bv2017 In response to Bv2017

I'm not sure which Velocity Sensitivity you are referring. Is it the parameter in the Region Inspector or the Track Inspector? These are just offset values between -99 ... +99.

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Also is this question regarding the velocity that you are sending from your Yamaha (as a MIDI controller) or the velocity that you are receiving (as a MIDI Sound Module)?

Hope that helps

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Dec 15, 2017 2:43 PM

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Dec 15, 2017 3:13 PM in response to EdgarRothermich In response to EdgarRothermich

From the inspector.

The thing is, that I want to leave my YAMAHA midi keyboard to OFF from its velocity sensitivity settings.

to play a particular software synth of mine.And I was told by the designers, that I better leave my DX 11 to off.

So now, I presuming that by leaving the values in the track inspector, as blank, I can be sure that that section without values will not override my midi keyboard. In fact, if I enter a value in the track inspector to 99 for example. My midi keyboard no longer stays in the off mode but plays all notes the same volume now. So I guess better

leave the velocity field blank in Logic.


Dec 15, 2017 3:13 PM

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Question: velocity setting in the Track menu