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Question: Why are some apps on iMac turning blank?

I have some third party apps like VLC player, League of Legends, WhatsApp, Deezer, Google Chrome etc. that are having this same problem, but it also happens with Safari for example that my apps are turning blank, like a white piece of paper with pen, ruler and a brush in A shape, just like in the picture i uploaded. In Safari, it happens with an apps that is in the dock, so i remove it from the dock and put it back, this fixes and issue for couple of days but it turns blank again. Some apps (like VLC player) are blank even in the launcher. This problem disappears for some time, but it comes back! What is the issue? How do i fix it?

I have an iMac 4K 8gb of ram and 1TB of storage, 3,4GHz i5 2017 on the newest software, always up to date!

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Question: Why are some apps on iMac turning blank?