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Question: iCloud Freezes IOS 10 & 11 Calendar Entering Location

With iCloud Contacts enabled, the iPhone Calendar app freezes in iOS11.2.1—all the way back to —iOS ? — cannot enter a “location” for a calendar event.

Detail- When I use the calendar app in iOS 11 and iOS 10 the location field pops up after I enter the subject. Once I type on the keyboard the Calendar app freezes for 30 seconds.

There are work arounds suggested by other users like typing zz in the location field but the best work around I have found is from another user RichardGHUK who suggests turning off iCloud Contacts sync on the phone and keeping the contacts on device. Then later (periodically) turning back on (merge). This makes the calendar behave properly.

Calendar location setting

is especially important for business users who set business appointments and must set a location for their meeting.
This problem brings their world down to a halt.

I was working on very large multi-million dollar transactions and found the lack of functionality damaging to the flow of the deal. You shake hands and say, “deal signing next week at 7PM at Steakhouse” ok let me take my iOS 11 calendar device and let’s synchronize everyone’s calendar: ...... ok wait, wait I can’t put a “place” for the multi-Million dollar deal hold it. Client says: Well, put it in there, and we will see you at 7, ok thanks — Gee why has my phone frozen? Weird. Ok let me do it when I get home on my laptop. Oops I forgot. Ok now it is 8PM. Gee. I swear I had a meeting at 7 somewhere. Oh here is a voicemail from my client: dude, where were you? We all came to the steak house to officially ink the deal, but you didn’t show! Bummer dude.

Can we agree this is a big issue Apple? Very happy we have a work around for it- turn off iCloud Contacts during the day and back on at night. A hassle but at least we can set up a meeting that matters when we need to.

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Question: iCloud Freezes IOS 10 & 11 Calendar Entering Location