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Question: iOS 11 App size on updates

I can't believe I have to make an account just for this, it seems that day by day Apple has lost its transparency even more. One of the first things I notice after the launch of iOS 11 was the absent of app's updates size on the App Store Updates! (not iOS software update) the update size has been bulging/ inflated since the iOS 10 and now what? they get rid of it all together? I think the existent of an app update size is really crucial for users to be able to manage their files considering connections, storage space etc. I don't know what the developer had in mind by getting rid of this, anyone know how to give feedback on this? Even if I give one I'm not even sure they will take it into consideration. Just like the fact that now you cannot turn off the wifi and bluetooth from the control centre and only to disconnect it. Apple is getting itself away from what Steve Job wanted it to be, simplicity. Every new iOS updates turns the software to be more complex and not really user friendly. I have to say iOS 11 is a major Apple flop.

iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.1

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Question: iOS 11 App size on updates