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Question: Icloud photo stopped syncing computer

For a few years already, I use Icloud to store my photos.

Normally I make a picture and after a few seconds, I can see them in the folder on my computer.

Since a week or so this stopped.

My photos are being uploaded on Icloud because I can see them online on the website, but they don't show in my folder. I tried a few things already.

  • Checked the free space on my computer - it's enough
  • Deleted Icloud and reinstalled it
  • Change the folder where I want the photos to be uploaded in

Nothing seems to help. Anyone any suggestions for me? Would be great!

Thnx in advance!

iPhone 5c

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I made a back-up in Itunes, reset my phone, restored my back-up and now the photos are there!

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Question: Icloud photo stopped syncing computer