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Question: Two annoying issues since last auto-update (12/16/17)

Since updating my iMac yesterday with OSX 10.13.2, I've had the following issues. I can work around them, but am wondering if anyone else has them?

  1. With a dual monitor, my iMac starts on the second monitor and the iMac itself stays dark. The fix is to turn off the second monitor, boot, then turn it on and both monitors work fine.
  2. I use a dasKeyboard full size USB keyboard made for Mac. It's always worked fine. Now, I have to unplug it from the back of my iMac and plug it back in to get the iMac to recognize it. Same with a couple of other USB devices, though my TimeMachine drive seems to be fine. It's as if the iMac isn't scanning for USB devices at startup.

Anyway, I have workarounds but thought I'd share in case this is happening to anyone else.

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Question: Two annoying issues since last auto-update (12/16/17)