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Question: Activation lock iphone6s

Hello, how can i use this iphone??? Honestly this iphone belong to semeone else, i was found it at the lodge, i been waiting for owner to call me back, but untill owner didn't call me and been keep this iphone almost one years to wait the owner, but now owner didn't call me, i really wanted to use this iphone for my own, but i cannot use it because iphone was lock...if ask me about the payment honestly i cannot afford to pay for that, i really need your help me to fix it that iphone6s...thank you very mich, my email...***

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Dec 17, 2017 11:36 AM in response to Muss19 In response to Muss19

The only way a lost phone can be legally yours is if you turned it into the police the day you found it. After a year of being unclaimed, you can then pick it up as the new owner. What you did was to simply hang onto a phone that does not, and did not belong to you.

Even if you had turned it into the police and legally picked it up as yours after the hold time, Apple would still be highly unlikely to clear it for your use.

Regardless of all that, the entire purpose of Activation Lock is to keep unauthorized users from using a lost or stolen phone. It's only use to you is as a thin, but somewhat servicable brick. Or maybe you could use it to level a really wobbly table.

Dec 17, 2017 11:36 AM

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Question: Activation lock iphone6s