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Question: Thunderbolt connect with StoreJet 300 on HighSierra

I have a Model 14.2 iMac and tried to add a Transcend storejet300 using apple thunderbolt cable. Never mounted. I finally tried the USB 3 c with the c connector looks like --- --------. I switched when I tried to load their backup software Transcend Elite. I now have 2 Thunderbolt cables to return. When did we fall off the cart into a complete CF with cables and interfaces and security. This whole mess has to be hurting usage and sales for upgrades. I am not upgrading anything with Apple right now. 8 to 10 devices.

And when did end users become Beta testers. Big complex systems cannot be released under an Agile method like companies think is smart. Among other reasons, users don't have time to learn the changes before another comes along. It feels like the early Windows days.

And if I don't have the right cable name, too bad. Should not be so screwed up.

iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2), Model 14.2

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Question: Thunderbolt connect with StoreJet 300 on HighSierra