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Question: The strangest iPad fix ever?

Have had a problem for many months with my iPad Pro where it would very often give a warning that the iPad needed recharging (plug in iPad graphic) & then shutdown even though the battery was at 100%. This was so common that even after the shutdown & reset, the whole warning / reset would just repeat without even hard resets helping. But every now & again the reset would allow me to logon & get about 10 mins & sometimes much more use out of it before it would fail again with same spurious needs recharge warning. Eventually thought this must be a hardware problem as no one else seemed to have the issue & couldn’t fix it through iOS updates or restores.

Then recently came along a similar (but different?) problem on my iPhone 7 where the phone would just reset itself (no battery warning) every 30 secs to 1 minute & this was consistent. This did seem to be a well known problem, with the fix being to reset the date manually back to the 1st December 2017 before updating iOS to 11.2. I did this & it did fix the iPhone problem.

Shortly after this got a logon opportunity on iPad Pro so thought would use it to upgrade it to 11.2 also. Did not reset date to 1st Dec first as did not have the issue to warrant this. Bizarrely the iPad did allow me to carry out this update without a battery warning reset but on restarting it actually introduced the same problem I had on my iPhone - it started resetting itself every 30 secs to one minute or so but without the battery warnings. So the Apple fix I’d just applied introduced the problem it was meant to fix! And I haven’t misremembered this, it is exactly what happened.

So thought can’t live with this as iPad now completely useless, so reset the date back to 1st Dec as had with my iPhone. This did fix the constant resets but also started generating lots of warnings about the suspicious date change. So next set date back to auto generating to see what would happen.

And now the strangest fix occurred. Not only were the resets every 30 secs or so not happening but have also not had a single battery warning reset for several days. So iPad now also fixed after 11.2 broke it but perhaps both types of iPad reset did have the same route cause?!

iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 11.2

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Question: The strangest iPad fix ever?