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Question: pairing of keyboard does not work during clean reinstall

I am doing a clean install of Sierra on my Macmini I am selling (had to press CMD-OPT-SHIFT-R) and now the process hangs on the step 'to pair a keyboard, turn it on and wait for your computer to pair to it'.

I use the keyboard that was paired to this same machine.

The Bluetooth keyboard is non-apple (TP), so I cannot keep the powerbutton pressed . . .

The keyboard was originally paired to this same macmini. Of course I did not unpair the keyboard before dong the clean reinstall of Sierra, and now it is not detected anymore.

  1. Should I abort the clean install process (worried that this will damage the computer and it will not start up properly anymore like it was before)
  2. Should I unpair a keyboard from another mac?
  3. Should I go and find an old wired keyboard?

re 2 and 3: But if I cannot connect my existing TP keyboard do I then have to discard it?

Mac mini, iOS 10.3.1, Headless!

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I would try 2, then 3. Step 1 would most likely leave the computer unusable until you reinstalled the OS.

Your TP keyboard might work again after the install is complete.

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Dec 19, 2017 12:37 AM in response to Eric Root In response to Eric Root

Thanks Eric, this is what I did eventually,

- Firstly, (3) I bought a Dell keyboard for $ 1.50 and plugged that in, that brought me to the next step. I saw the login page again with my name. I had forgotten to erase the disk. However, that Dell keyboard did not have the right keystrokes so I was stuck in the process later on. The wireless keyboard could be paired in that stage. But neither the Dell nor the TP keyboard could provide CMD-R.

- (2) Then I did unpair an apple wireless keyboard from another Mac and then connect it to the macmini while in normal operating mode.

Now I had a keyboard that allowed a proper CMD-R (the third party only allowed CMD-OPT-Shift-R !) at restart; and now on startup the selection screen like it ought to was presented.

A bit of a hassle, but apparently Apple does not trust devices without some passcode or security token anymore. [Good by the way, but no longer a "bring your own keyboard" sales strategy.]

Everything went well now.

Dec 19, 2017 12:37 AM

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Question: pairing of keyboard does not work during clean reinstall