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I've been working my way through the following link but unfortunately have got stuck...


This is the first time I have used Rewire. I have simply opened Logic / Reason (in the correct order!) and followed the above instructions.

The bit where I get stuck is approx a 3rd of the way through the video. Having created a new environment layer for the Rewire Auxes and chosen "channel aux 1" - I do not have the option to insert Bus 1 as the input?

Maybe someone out there can give me a quick answer as to whether I need to configure Reason / Logic Ex. in some way before carrying out above video instructions or maybe this is something to do with Logic Express (ie: Pro is different).

As the video shows.....I am trying to bring in Reason's Redrum to Logic (Express) onto separate channels.

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help!

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    Is there anybody out there?!

    I have searched high and low so was hoping someone can help me set up Redrum as per below/first post.

    Since below post, I have followed a .pdf posted in a thread in this forum to set up a subtractor and malstrom via rewire ( http://homepage.mac.com/ciaran57/RewiringLogic2.pdf) - again getting so far but the part that says:-

    "Click in the Group box in the Malstom L channel (This will have blue writing in it saying “Off”), then choose a group."

    There is no such box in LE as highlighted?

    I can at least hear the subtractor/malstrom in Logic - I am having no luck whatsoever with redrum though - is there anything fundamentally different with connecting redrum to the hardware interface???

    Hoping someone with a brain can step in........thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

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    hello. this is because in Logic Express you only have two auxes. I think that this is correct. the tutorial was created, and intended for logic pro.

    you can however use redrum in stereo mode.

    same procedure applies, but just use redrums outputs not the individual outs of each instrument in redrum.

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    We must distinguish the audio and MIDI functions.

    If you want to write a MIDI track in Logic and play a Redrum in Reason you have to follow this steps:

    1. Launch Logic then Reason
    2. In Reason create a Redrum
    3. In Logic Envinromnent create a new Internal/Rewire object
    4. With the (yellow) object selected go into the left pane double click on the name Rewire and type Redrum
    5. In the device menu select Reason
    6. Bus must be 6 and in channel select Redrum1 (that's the name of the Redrum until you've changed it).
    7. Now go back into the arranger and select an instument track
    8. Click on the name of track (near tracks not in the left panes) and select MIDI Instr./Redrum


    About audio you can choose to use a Reason ReMix (that has 2 tracks out) or to connect each peripheral directly to the audio interface (up to 64 channels).
    The difference is that in the first case you'll have to mix into Reason for the Reason part and in Logic for all the others tracks.
    In the second case you will mix all sounds into Logic.

    1. You already have a RedRum in the rack connected to audio in 1/2
    2. switch to Logic and select an audio track
    3. Click on the Mono/Stereo button to make the track stereo
    4. In the left pane select, from the menu channel, Rewire Stereo/Reason/Mix L/R

    Now your Redrum will play into the Logic stereo channel that you created.

    In case of mono channels the steps are the same but you'll have to choose Rewire/Reason/channel no.

    Let me know if this is what you wanted to achieve.



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    If Logic express only has 2 aux ins (I use 7 so I'm not completely sure what is different about express) instead of running the aux directly from redrum's R and L channels, I would input reason mix L and R from the midi output device. That would correspond to 1 and 2 on the device at the top of the rack in this pic:

    then on one of the aux channels you set it to Reason L and the other to Reason R

    This will let you use some of the other devices in reason that work pretty well like the NN-XT and Dr Rex.

    If you use recycle with Dr Rex you might want to look into Izotpoes phatmatik pro. It does the same sample slicing that recycle does only you can run it as a apple audio unit within Logic express AND its not destructive so you dont need to create new files with the slice points saved.

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    also, if you find that redrum and logic express are a hassle to use together, you might like Native Instruments Battery 3 instead of redrum. It gives you a lot more control over your drums and is run as an apple audio unit so its like a device that belongs to logic.
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    Thank you for your posts.

    To say exactly what I am trying to do:- I currently have a song in logic express and I'm not happy with the drums at all. I would therefore like to completely disregard the current drum part and "experiment" with Redrum in Logic Express to try and create a new drum part.

    Since I want to experiment, I am thinking that the more that is brought into logic / the less done in Reason, the better. I would also like to bring in the drum parts - kick / snare etc... onto individual channels in LE so that they can be mixed separately in LE.

    I still don't fully understand what is / is not possible in LE. For example, to bring the kick / snare in on different channels - can this be achieved by having one Redrum in the rack or should there be multiple? Logic Ex. 7.1 also does not support stereo rewire objects - but I'm sure this can be overcome by creating L + R channels. I am sure the Logic Ex 7.2 update has the stereo option.

    I followed the instructions (thank you very much for spending the time to post them) but when I got to Point 8. there was no option to select Redrum - it just had my midi controller listed?! (Remote 61) - I will try it again later - I think I'm going mad!

    I have to say....I think that people should get a good understanding of basic features / procedures before jumping into Logic Pro but I am thinking that I'd be a lot further forward if I had Pro because at least I would know that I had all possible features and could follow many posts/instructions in this forum and if things didn't work....it's definitely my fault! ... and not due to the fact that it may have to be done a 'bit differently' because it's Express.....

    Need to carry on trying here - still can only generate sound from my midi controller with other devices eg, subtractor etc...and not redrum.

    Thanks again for your post....

    All the best,

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    Hi Rachel,

    to use separate channels for Redrum you have to patch each single output of Redrum ( 10 outs) to each single input on the Audio Input in Reason.

    Then you'll have to reserve 10 Logic audio tracks to Redrum.

    For MIDI you will need only 1 track.

    About not seeing the Redrum, maybe you click in the bad place.
    You have to click near the track where the mute and freeze buttons are.

    Let me know if you succed.

    I'm on Logic 7.2 now so I don't remember exactly what's different with 7.1.
    Anyway I'd suggest to you to upgrade.



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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your other post. Need to sit down and experiment with everything now/soon. Have been thinking about getting Pro for a number of reasons recently too so maybe will indeed upgrade.

    Lots of new software I am looking at (plugins, Logic Pro 7.2 etc...) state that they require OSX "higher than I've got!!" so it looks like I should upgrade in general. I think OSX Leopard is coming out in Spring '07 so maybe I will just have a big spend out then!

    I'll return to this thread when things are sorted!

    All the best,

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    hey what's up. I've been having a similar problem. When i rewire into pro tools, i bring reason in on an aux and then route that to an audio track so that i can record the reason sounds as audio in pro tools. Is there a way to do that in Logic? I can get reason to play in Logic but i can't figure out how to record it as audio, and midi data would be cool too. Hope you can help.
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    OK so I have my redrum rewired via midi on an internal rewire object and then returning to an audio channel.

    This works well and records the midi notes I play.


    What if you want to record a redrum pattern into logic as midi ?

    This seems to be the missing link for me on this since the pattern won't record back to the midi internal rewire track.

    Thanks for all the good step by steps.


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    The Rewire path is:

    Audio Reason --> Logic
    MIDI Logic --> Reason

    The only way is to export Reason MIDI tracks as a GM file and then import it in Logic


    record MIDI directly in Logic (maybe using the matrix editor, if you like it the step by step way).


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    Thanks Rob, that clarifies the work flow.

    I have this set up now.

    In reason 1 redrum and 1 mixer
    each drum gets a fader in the mixer
    the mixer goes to the main reason out

    In logic
    2 audio objects objects panned for L and R returns from reason
    1 internal rewire mapped on bus 6 to the redrum

    So I get drum control in reason and midi trigger in logic to then tweak in a matrix editor.
    For recording drums via my redrum this set up works well.

    One question I have on this set up and rewire in general.

    Why are tracks that are assigned to rewire objects not record enabled? SO - you cannot record from the track in the main mix (no record bott), you have to select the track and enable record from the transport.

    Is this an Express vs Pro thing?