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I plug in my ipod and normally it said "do not disconnect" and now it doesnt even recognize that it is being plugged into the mac at all. It doesnt charge or update or even show up on my computer at all!
help please!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 5th generation iPod
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    Hi, I just bought a fifth generation 60gb ipod, and I was just about as frustrated as you. I bought it as an open box item from Best Buy, and whom ever had it before, had it formatted for windows - I guess.

    This is going to be long and is in no way going to follow any of what apple advises that you do.

    First off - I toggled the hold switch on and off, held down the menu and select buttons simultaneously in attempt the restore the settings manually with the ipod itself. This did not work.

    I tried restarting the computer. I tried opening iTunes and plugging in the iPod. This didn't really work either.

    To find out if your computer is at all recognising the device, open "about this mac" in the apple menu. In the window that opens, select "more info". Now, you are in the apple system profiler. Once you are there, select the area that says "USB" in the window.

    I found that when I first did this, apple system profiler was locking up on compiling information about what was connected to my usb ports.

    Stay in the apple system profiler and the usb section, and unplug your iPod from its base. You may find that it will then, the profiler will load USB information. Now, plug back in your ipod. It should then show it as one of the attachments......

    So now, you know your computer is indeed recognizing the device. It is just not operating properly.

    Are you ready?????

    Open iTunes, and surely, you will find that your computer still is not recognising the device. Don't freak out yet;0)

    With iTunes still open, switch the usb ports that you are using with your iPod. If it still doesn't show up, do it again.

    After a while, it should. Then, you will probably receive a message similar to the one I got about the ipod's software being corrupted. It will then ask you if you want to restore. Select restore.

    Now, once you have done that, it will probably lock up on while trying to restore. Unplug the iPod at its base or usb port. Then, plug it in again, while remaining in iTunes. It should then promp you to put in your system login and password.

    You may lockup on the install again after this. Still, do not panic. Unplug the ipod again, and/or switch usb ports. Now, it should ask you what you want to call your ipod.

    Somewhere between the last two paragraph's, you will be prompted to unplug the iPod. Do it. The ipod will be doing some processes that at this moment, I do not remember.

    After all that, plug the iPod back into the computer. You should find that it is functioning.

    The moral to this story..... everytime the system appears to be locking up or not recognising the device while in iTunes, just unplug and plug back in the iPod - or - switch the usb ports. Remain in the application eventhough it will appear to be locking up. Don't quit out of iTunes or quit out of the restore process while doing any of the above.
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    Ok, if there's no sign of activity on the USB status window when I plug the wire, what should I do? The problem isn't the wire because the iPod is charging when I plug it. The problem isn't the USB port because when I plug a mouse or a camera my computer detects it. I've tried everything. I know that I need to restore the iPod. But how should I do it if I can't see it with my computer?
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    I have the exact same problem. I tried everything but restoring the ipod. Have you tried other usb cable? does your ipod works fine in every other way?
    And a question to everybody else, is there a way I can save my information so I won´t loose it while restoring? how do I restore if the ipod won´t even show up in my desktop or itunes?
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    I have exact same problem too. I can't restore because its not recognised via usb in the first place. I have re-set, reinstalled itunes software, restarted, renewed the ipod battery (at a cost of £40) and bought a new usb lead, but still no connection. I also ran various clean-up programmes on my computer to reset preferences etc. It has always been set for use via only my computer running Mac OsX. I went into the apple menu and tried to follow the advice given above but still nothing registered. The unit is charging up via my stand alone charger, so the usb input in the ipod is functioning. When I plug it in via my usb 2.0 hub (which used to work fine for connecting to my laptop until 10 days ago) the connecting light flashes briefly as if its trying to talk to the computer then it goes out. I also tried plugging it into another apple laptop but it still didn't appear on that desktop. The machine is one month out of warranty so apple can't help without me paying thru the nose. It strikes me that the internal software in the ipod has somehow become corrupted, but if you can't connect to a computer how can it be updated? Can anyone advise please?
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    Same problem here since some time, waiting for a fix from Apple like they did for the shuffle - nothing else seems to work
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    Someone sent me this reference which some of you might be brave enough to attempt:


    I'm not sure I want to risk it cause my ipod does charge up from a stand alone charger and plays ok, I just can't download any new songs onto it.

    Let me know if it worked for you please!