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I've been getting this message for about a week. I can not connect to the iTunes store at all, but my internet connection works fine in other programs.

I know there are other posts on this topic, and I've tried all the suggestions I could find; using open DNS, keychain first aid, reinstalling iTunes and quicktime, but nothing has helped.

Has anyone else had this problem and been unable to fix it with any of these methods?
Any other suggestions?

powerbook g4, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    yeah i've been getting the same problem for a couple of days now. I've never had any problems with itunes before. And i know it's not the network because a friend of mine is on the same network and can access the store. So i went to networks and created a new location name and then i was able to get on itunes but i cant see any images, instead i see a broken link. I also get the error message every now and then when i try to search for something in the store.

    Powerbook G4 15 inch.   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
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    I didn't have any luck with that either. I know it isn't the network I'm on, because I've been able to connect to iTunes on other computers on the network.
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    I have had exactly this problem since the start of the year as well, and also tried the keychain first aid, reinstalling iTunes. (How does upen DNS work - don't think I have tried that). Did you (or anybody else) find a solution yet?

    I only use iTunes with prepaid cards (as Apple won't allow people without 1st-world issued credit cards to buy from iTunes...sorry, had to gripe about that a bit). I have an american and a japanese account which I use intechangably. Just worried that because of using two accounts on one mac, this may have caused the problem. However, the error messages is the same as yours (iTunes could not connect to the iTunes store. The network connection was reset. Make sure your network connection is active and try again), so no indication that this may be a problem.

    Any suggestions anybody?
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    I only use one account on my computer, so that probably isn't the problem for you.


    Using open DNS seems to have helped some people but not everyone. I'm still having no luck.
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    I have shared the same problem since Dec 27th. I didn't see a post indicating that Apple had fixed this for all users, so I contacted them direct. After the usual reset everything advise from them I'm still left with access denied. Now I getting passed around to another department. I've contacted my ISP and they have said it's nothing to do with them (my network does work and doesn't need resetting). I did install real player a few days before so that I could listen to the BBC radio broadcasts, anyone else done somehting similar?

    So, I'm now thinking Apple, are not as great as they think they are, imagine iPhone with suport like this? I'm a music purchasing customer, wanting to buy music and they can afford to turn me and many others away. This rather spoils the image of simple, interconnecting software and makes it look more like PC quality freeware.

    I'll keep looking. If it helps it sounds if there's lots of others who share you frustration.

    I have pasted the lame response from the help desk for all to see.

    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry that you are still unable to connect to the store.

    At this time, after carefully reviewing your request, I have determined that this issue falls outside the type of support provided by iTunes Store Customer Support, who answers non-technical questions about billing, customer accounts, downloading, and iTunes Store content.

    For technical information, visit iTunes Service & Support at http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/.

    If you require assistance beyond that which is available online, the tech support team is available to contact via telephone. To find the number for Apple's technical support in your country please refer to the following page:


    The technical support representative will determine whether you are eligible for complimentary support. If you aren't, you may purchase per-incident support.


    iTunes Store Customer Support


    thanks for the work. I followed the steps as instructed but I get the
    same old error message as before "connection failed etc"

    any suggestions?

    Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  
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    I was able to get a momentary connection to the store through a wireless network, but it only worked for a few seconds and the images were are replaced with a broken link image.

    How are other people trying to connect? DSL, cable, wireless? I'm on a LAN by ethernet cable. Could the fact that I'm on my school's network be causing problems?