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Hi, I am new to Mac and just had a friend install the Bootcamp for me to switch, I have stamps.com, etc. that supports windows. Anyway, I know safari comes w Macs but what is best browser..fastest, best support? Don't know diff btwn Safari, Foxfire, etc. Also, I like IE 6.0 bc I can hilight photo and tiny toolbar appears for me to save, print, etc an image. Should I download IE on my windows or will it work w Mac. HELP!

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    Stamps.com does not use a secure server. The .asp is a Windows IIS based server technology. If you want to get stamps, you'll have to find a server that uses something more secure if you don't want your data potentially hacked.
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    Browsers are very much a personal choice, there is no 'best' browser. I.E., however is no longer supported for mac so I wouldn't recommend that. If the feature you describe is a must, most Mac browsers allow simple dragging and dropping of images which will save them to wherever they are dragged to.

    Firefox is a good browser, some say the best out there (but not me). It offers many add-ons to customise it, perhaps the most of any browser http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

    Personally, I use Camino (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/camino/) It is like Firefox but it uses a much more Mac-like User Interface.

    I will sometimes use Safari, though it has its problems with some webpages in my experience. It does handle RSS feed very well though

    Shiira is another browser out there. It is based on the same engine as Safari and has features such as a sidebar to view favourites and downloads and a page dock - like tabs with a preview of the page. http://shiira.jp/en.php

    Flock is described as a 'Web 2.0 browser' and includes blogging support, uploading directly to Photobucket and Flickr and a 'Shelf' to put content on that you want to come back to later. http://www.flock.com/

    Others include Opera (notable features include built in Bittorrent client), iCab (able to run on very low-specced macs), Omniweb (described as 'Safari done right')

    Check out http://darrel.knutson.com/mac/www/browsers.html
    which has a pretty comprehensive list of what is available. Download a few and see what you like
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    Similar to the knuston site, I've posted my own browser FAQ page:

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    Personally I use Safari for 99% of my browsing with Firefox available as an alternative for the few sites that won't work in Safari.


    Microsoft has dropped IE for Mac and hasn't supported it for over 12 months.


    Safari can be customized to your liking by a visit to http://www.pimpmysafari.com/





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    Safari seems to stall in the middle of loading pages.Does anyone know why?

    I Mac G5 1.8GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    I Mac G5 1.8GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  
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    I love Sea Monkey also by Mozilla. The same company who makes Firefox.