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I found this drive on sale at Frys this weekend for 49 bucks. All the sales reps just read the box and saw no mention of Mac OS X and said, it won't work even though I told them I regularly use Pioneer ones that say nothing about macs but work fine.

Does anyone know if this drive will work in a G5? Do you need special software to do the "lightscribe" part? CAn you even do that on a mac? Is it even worth getting a lightscribe disc? I like the idea of burning the image on the disk...love the way it looks....

PowerMac G5 2 GHz DP, 3 GB RAM, 160GB HD, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 500 GB SATA, Pioneer DVR-106, (2) 60 GB Ipod Video, 1GB Shuffle
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Here is some info that you may find useful:


Select "DVD+R/RW + DVD-R/RW"
Select "Samsung"
and "Search"

There are others using the Samsung Lightscribe drives.