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Question: Apple Configurator 2 + MMS settings

I'm confused with apple idea to reset APN settings every update (or when someone cross a border and get back).

But fine, if they think that is good, let it be that way.
But why they don't allow to add profile with all APN settings (including MMS and hotspot)?
It would make things much easier.

Not allowing to add MMS settings and intentionally deleting them every update is hard to understand. I understand that same as "battery performance issue". They want you to get a contract with "official" carriers (more expensive plans), like they wanted you to buy a new phone, because old one is no use (just needs battery replace).

In the end, I'll just swap phone for AndroidOne.

iPhone 6, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Question: Apple Configurator 2 + MMS settings