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Question: Bluetooth and Control Centre

Sorry if this has come up somewhere else.

I am obviously aware that with ios11 that bluetooth and wifi are never completely switched off anymore via the control centre and to completely turn off you need to go to settings.

I use my phone in the car and if I am on a call as I pull over, I swipe up to (well, usually) turn off BT via the CC otherwise the call is still connected to the car. Recently, with the update to the ios, I noticed that that if I do this and then get back in the car and try to reconnect BT via the phone button on my steering wheel it doesn't work. I then use "hey siri" to call out to the phone to turn on BT. It comes back with a response that BT is already on. I finally worked out that if I call out to siri to turn BT off then again to turn on it works.

This new disconnect mode isn't great. I can forget to turn on the BT when getting to the car and use siri to activate it. It is especially annoying as I use google maps over the BT connection when driving somewhere I am not sure of.

Other than the long winded turn off and on via settings, or calling siri twice, is there any way to get BT to be completely off in the CC to make it easier to reconnect when driving if I have forgotten to do it before setting off?

iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: Bluetooth and Control Centre