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Question: ios 11.2.6/safari/certificates

Starting with iOS 11.2.6 (or shortly before) I can no longer access websites with self-signed certificates.

Safari tells me that the "connection is not private". Safari offers me no opportunity to accept the risk and access the site.

It's my own website I'm trying to access, and I know it's safe for me to do so. How do I set up an exception so that Safari will let me in?

BTW, this is not a problem with the website. I can access the website from a desktop using either Firefox or Chrome, where I can tell Firefox to add an exception. I can also access the website from my phone using Firefox (with an exception).

Very annoying. Anybody have a workaround for Safari? If not, I'll just keep using Firefox.

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Question: ios 11.2.6/safari/certificates