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Question: Music goes crazy during workouts

I have a brand new Apple Watch I got in January and new Powerbeats 3 around the same time. So I am not sure if it’s a watch or headphone issue. When I workout after a while the music basically goes crazy on me. Most of the time the volume tends to lower itself all the way down but the music also stops and plays back and forth on its own. The tracks also skip to the next one on its own. The problem doesn’t start right away and seems to do so a few minutes into the workout, so not sure if it has something to do with my sweat getting on the watch. It’s very frustrating especially because one of the biggest reasons I got the Apple Watch was to use it for workouts. I already tried turning the watch on and off and I also tried forgetting the headphones and pairing them again but that didn’t work. Can someone help? Thanks

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Question: Music goes crazy during workouts