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Question: Zoom bug still?

Have had phone since February 1, 2018. Updated, reset, force boot, and still zooms in and out, selects items on the page on its own, opens windows on its own, the only fix is to manual shut screen off then unlock screen. Repeats 60 seconds later. Eventually it dies down and works fine for an hour then starts all over for hours! I have no handicap settings on. I’m an IT guy so I know how to trouble shoot. It’s a quality / hardware issue but if I turn my phone in, I get a used refurbished phone which is a scam. $1,000 and I get a used product that has depreciated tremendously. Are we waiting for a class action before the phones are recalled? Everyone seems to have this issue. The update did not correct it.

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Feb 26, 2018 9:03 PM in response to Miikkeell In response to Miikkeell

Have you done the following:

Go to Settings>General>Accessibility, scroll down to the Zoom option under Vision, and turn it off.

Go to Settings>Display & Brightness>and under the Display Zoom section, make sure that Standard is selected.



Feb 26, 2018 9:03 PM

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Feb 27, 2018 11:45 AM in response to Miikkeell In response to Miikkeell

Your post stated no such thing. You had a reference to "I have no handicap settings turned on". So, there would be no way for me to intuit that you meant a setting in the Accessibility section under Settings.

Also, you did not reply whether reseting your Settings<Disolay & Brightnes>Display to "Standard".

Generic phrases like "all the settings have been reset".

So you can see why it is difficult to pinpoint the isssue. And as an "IT" guy, you would understnand the importance of terminology as well as in providing as many pieces of information as possible.

Regardless, If you feel you have exhausted the various Settings tests, then the next thing I would recommend would be for you to Back up your device to iCloud or iTunes:

Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using iCloud or iTunes - Apple Support

Once you are sure you have a clean backup, erase your device using one of these methods:

How to erase your iOS device - Apple Support

Find My iPhone: Erase your device

iCloud: Erase your device

Once the device is erased, set it up as new - not from the backup - sign into your various services, and begin to use the device as clean as possible. Download only absolutely critical apps, then use the device as usual.

If the issue surfaces during this time, you should take the device to Apple to have it looked at. They will tell you what your options are. Don't forget to make a Genius appointment before going in.

If the issue does not show up, then erase the device again and then restore it from the backup you made. Work with it for a bit to see if the problem recurs,. If it doesn't YAY!

If the problem comes back, then that implies that your data is corrupted. You would need to erase again, sign into your services, and then manually download your purchased media.

Best of luck,


Feb 27, 2018 11:45 AM

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Question: Zoom bug still?