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Question: iPad, error 9, trying to wipe clean iPad2

"Could not send a message to the device", is the message I get when trying to restore my iPad2 using iTunes on a macbook. I also get error 9. Around and around it goes.

Both devices work well, but I forgot iPad pw. Username is in the system.

We really need some useful support from Apple.

One of many...

iPad, iOS 5.1

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Mar 4, 2018 7:15 AM in response to Jeff_W. In response to Jeff_W.

Thanks Jeff,

BUT: my iPad is in DFU mode, and I cannot restart it by pressing those 2 buttons. When I do it, the iTunes logo and cable/connector appear.

mac and iTunes are up-to-date, and cable is good. Restarting mac is not helpful.

A Chinese company is selling software (at a high price) that promises to get out of this perpetual loop. However, I think Apple should be able to help. So, I'll skip the Chinese.

Lots of users have this same problem, since a long time. If you tell me that local Apple service center definitely can help, I'll spend the $100 or so. This iPad2 is a bit slow, but works/worked well, until recently.

Waiting for stronger instructions.

Mar 4, 2018 7:15 AM

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Question: iPad, error 9, trying to wipe clean iPad2