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Question: iPhone X Forgets Enterprise Wireless Network

I can connect my iPhone X (iOS 11.2.5) to the enterprise network at work with no problem. However, the phone nearly always forgets the network within about 12 hours or so (although once it remembered for about two days), and I have to re-enter the domain\username and password. This is somewhat annoying. It has been going on since I got the phone in December.

Other iPhone X users in the same office do not have this problem. My iPad (latest Pro with iOS 11.2.5) does not have this problem.

I have tried all of the usual things - forget the network, hard reset, and so on. No luck. Any thoughts on why this is happening or how it might be fixed would be appreciated.

iPhone X, iOS 11.2.5, 256G

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Question: iPhone X Forgets Enterprise Wireless Network