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Question: Cannot connect to server after Wajam


I cannot believe this has happened to me but yet here I am. I unfortunately installed some dodgy program and was unaware of what was happening. After the install I noticed my Chrome would redirect any google searches to yahoo and noticed that this was due to wajam, courtesy of the URL. I proceeded to download a Mac antivirus software which scanned my computer and picked up some things which it deleted. I then updated my Macbook, uninstalled Google Chrome but not before resetting all the settings.

My current issue is as such: I cannot connect to any server through either the App Store, Chrome, or even Safari. Now I know my internet works because I can send messages through iMessage. If there was no internet I wouldn't even be able to send an outgoing message. If anyone has any advice or recommendations that would be very much appreciated. I unfortunately have not backed up my Mac to Time Machine recently. My last bet will be to transfer all of my important files and just reinstall the computer.

Thanks in advance

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Feb 27, 2018 7:40 PM in response to Ioan In response to Ioan

Anyone else with this issue. Here is how I fixed, it.

Went to system preferences > network (be sure it seems connected)> Location > " + " new one(name is not important probably you will have untitled 2)> Choose previous one and " - " delete it. > Apply changes. refresh safari.

Feb 27, 2018 7:40 PM

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Question: Cannot connect to server after Wajam