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Question: Ipad iMessages to new iPhone

I recently got a new iPhone. I thought I backed up my text messages but apparently my cloud was full. I lost two years worth of attachments text pics etc. I’m not happy. With that being said I think there is still hope

My iPad still has all my text messages on it. What is a safe way to get my text to sync to my phone so that I can get them. I’m afraid if I connect it to iCloud it’s going to become the same state that my new phone is at

I’m pretty disappointed I thought I backed everything up before I gave my phone back to Verizon but it must have been full on iCloud.

Let me know what steps i should take to get my phone back

Ps the irony of my name is not unnoticed lmao it eas not a great move


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Question: Ipad iMessages to new iPhone