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Question: iPhone 6 Contacts Info Merging

Hello y'all

I know this will sound crazy, and I've done all I know to fix the problem. First I have the iPhone 6 Plus, 64Gb with 40 available,iOS 11.2.6. Last night after talking to a friend that's on my favorites in my contacts. For some reason I noticed when I hung up with her, I noticed that my sister's name had my friend's picture on her contact info. Then I noticed several of my faves were the same way. About half of them. I tried restarting the phone. And I tried many times to just fix the ones that had info mixed up between them, and as soon as I would navigate away from the contact I just fixed, BOOM it was totally scrambled again.

I am hoping someone has seen this before and knows how to fix it. There are other strange things happening with my phone, but I don't want to be stingy!

Thanks in advance! 😕

iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.2.5

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Question: iPhone 6 Contacts Info Merging