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Question: High Sierra 10.13.3 freezes after wake from sleep every day

My macbook pro with touchbar bought in August 2017 is driving me crazy... Recently everytime after some minutes in sleepmode my mac acts very laggy after waking up. Seems to be the menu bar that is freezing (and beachballing). activity monitor is showing systemuiserver and/or kernel_task with high ram and/or cpu usage and/or not responding. Tried everything on the internet like e.g. nvram reset, smc reset, deleting various files like and wifi stuff, using guest account, using safe mode, turning off wifi, turning off all icons in menue bar, trying different routers and wifis, using older backup from timemachine from a time when it worked, and and and and... nothing works. I haven't installed anything new in the last weeks before this error occured.

Last try would be to perform a clean install but I am really mad about all this because it's not the first problem with my new mac that magically occured and disappeared without me understanding what caused this.

Any other help is very welcome!

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Question: High Sierra 10.13.3 freezes after wake from sleep every day