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Question: US Holiday Calendar too Cluttered with Unwanted Holidays

I'm not sure when this happened, but the US Holiday Calendar I subscribe to is now cluttered with a bunch of holidays I don't care about, ranging from religious (Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish), ethnic (Kwaanza, Indiginious People Day), environmental (Earth Day). I know Apple is trying to be sensitive and accommodate all people, but by trying to please everyone you are pleasing no one (I think Aesop wrote a fable about this--everyone ended up drowning in the river). One thought is that you make the calendar subscription service completely configurable--let me go in and choose the holidays I care about, and only those appear on the calendar. That way if I'm an atheist I won't see any religious holidays, but I can see Indiginous People, Groundhog and Valentine's Day, for instance. The holiday calendar is really helpful for those holidays that always fall on different days, like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Thanksgiving. But right now the Apple US Holiday calendar is cluttering up my already full calendar with a bunch of days I don't care about, making it completely useless, so I'm going to unsubscribe. If you make a great change, please make a big deal about it and don't do it quietly so I'll know to re-subscribe. Thanks!

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Question: US Holiday Calendar too Cluttered with Unwanted Holidays