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Question: Can mac.com ≠ iCloud.com?

In the past few days, I've received notices from a grocery chain in the UK thanking "me" <****@ icloud.com> for signing up for, then ordering, then amending my order for grocery delivery to a farming town address in Eastern Scotland (near Inverness, which I've actually visited). I own the address <*****@ mac.com>, but I don't want canned goods delivered to a place almost half a world away (I live in California).

The grocery chain has a legitimate website. Is it possible that this is a scam (of course, it's ALWAYS possible). I suspect someone mistyped his email address while signing up, but I remain a bit worried that there's an attempt at identity theft here.

Should I contact Apple support and ask them to parse the email headers?

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Question: Can mac.com ≠ iCloud.com?