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Question: MacBook Pro charging watts

I had a hot coffee accident in my office bag from my thermos yesterday and all the coffee leeked in the bag. I had in my bag both my MacBook Pro 2015 and 13 inch and it's charger.

I believe that the actual notebook did not had water damage since it was dry, the only worrying part was that there was a part at the back of the notebook that had a lot of humidity (light drops of water) because the coffee was hot.

The charger though had lots of coffee around it and inside.

I dried the notebook, and I also dried the charger with paper. I then connected the charger to the notebook to see if it was working. The green/orange light on the connector was not going on. I then left the charger under sun for 2-3 hours to dry.

Second try and the light on the connector was going orange, green and sometimes it was switching off.

Today, I finally decided not to play with the charger and bought a new one, since I could fry my notebook. The new charger is working perfectly.

Although I opened the coconutBattery app (app that shows your battery info) and I noticed that the notebook was charging with 38 watts (that number was changing every few mins) while the charger for this notebook is magsafe 2 60 watts. I know that usually MacBook Airs use 45 watts. So my question is: Is it normal for a MacBook Pro to charge with less watts since the charger that was designed for it is 60 watts or shall i worry that there is probably water damage in my notebook and now it is not sucking the correct energy it needs to property charge the battery?User uploaded file

MacBook Pro with Retina display, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2)

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Question: MacBook Pro charging watts