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Question: Calendar Event View "stuck" when opened from notification

Hi, I've got an iPhone X running iOS 11.2.6, and a corporate exchange account pushing to my iPhone Calendar app.

Occasionally (and seemingly randomly), when I get a notification from the Calendar app (e.g., an invitation or an alert of an upcoming event) and tap on it to open it in the Calendar app, it opens about halfway down the "Event View" sheet in the Calendar app (e.g., starting from the "Invitation from" line, rather than from the top of the sheet with the name of the event).

When I try to scroll up to see the name of the event or the calendar graph, it starts to scroll but snaps back as soon as I release my finger -- there is no way to go back up to the top of the sheet. It also snaps back when I try to scroll further down, but it usually opens so close to the bottom of the sheet that there's not much relevant info there.

I've tried tapping the clock to scroll up, I've tried using multiple fingers to scroll -- nothing works. The only way to get to the top of the sheet is to go back to the home screen, then open the calendar app from the home screen and find the event -- then it's fully scrollable.

This happens only with the Exchange account - other accounts that have notifications in the Calendar app (GMail, iCloud) don't have this problem.

This is super annoying when I get an alert that an event is about to start, then try to jump into to see more details, and can't scroll up to get more info about the event.

Any help!?



iPhone X, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Question: Calendar Event View "stuck" when opened from notification