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Question: Issues with push notifications with no cell signal when on WiFi?


I seem to be having real issues getting WhatsApp message alerts (and the messages themselves) when my screen is off. I have WiFi but I am pretty sure when I unlocked the phone it takes a few seconds for the WiFi icon to come up. It’s like th WiFi is going off when the screen is off.

Problem is I have no signal so only WiFi call at home. I read someone that the WiFi does sleep with the screen off and reverts to cell data? Is this true, because that ***** and means I can’t get notifications!! What’s the point of WiFi?

Be grateful if any help...

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Mar 2, 2018 11:34 AM in response to roundyuk In response to roundyuk

Even more stupid, my work iPhone sat in my house - tried to use find my iPhone but it has no cell signal.

Doesn't make any sound until I wake it up, and then try to browse the internet - this is crazy Apple, what gives? Never had this issue on my Android device, push notifications just work because WiFi stays on like it should.

Plus, my iPhone 7 sat here with the screen off but power connected - unable to ping the device, the moment I wake it I can. Interesting this time though as WiFi calling was running, so maybe its doing what I think they do and routing data via the "cell" connection.

I am wondering if it's when the WiFi calling gets dropped and the WiFi doesn't then come back on...?

Would be nice to hear from Apple what the "expected behaviour" is!

Mar 2, 2018 11:34 AM

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Question: Issues with push notifications with no cell signal when on WiFi?