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Question: DVD authoring programs don't work on High Sierra

I run an iMac with OS 10.13.3 and also Final Cut Pro 10.4. I want a more sophisticated DVD program than what is available on FCP share. I have looked at Titanium Toast which I think is fairly ordinary. The Roxio DVD creator is much better looking format than the basic Toast program except that DVD creator will not accept .mov film clips. I have talked extensively with Corel but have no explanation. I have looked at other authoring programs such as WonderShare DVD creator and iSkySoft DVD creator. They all give the same error message that the .mov file type is unsupported. Apart from going back to my trusty DVD Pro Suite (2008) which is unsupported on my current Mac but still runs on one of my older machines, what options are there? There seems to be a systems problem. Is it due in some way to the 64bit architecture?

Two questions:

1. Why are the .mov files unsupported on my iMac High Sierra?

2. What decent DVD authoring programs that work on High Sierra are available?

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Mar 1, 2018 11:04 PM in response to Tom Wolsky In response to Tom Wolsky

According to my Get Info it says that it is an Apple ProRes4444. None of the programs I mentioned specify anything further on what is acceptable apart from saying .mov. These programs come with surprisingly little documentation. As I noted initially, I have spoken extensively with Corel which markets the Roxio DVD creator and despite multiple emails, they don't seem to have a clue. Speaking to iSkySoft they bluntly said that their product doesn't run on High Sierra and that they have no plan to fix this. It seems very strange to me that all three of these programs from the three separate companies give the same error message. It strikes me that this is someway related to the Mac OS.

Mar 1, 2018 11:04 PM

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Question: DVD authoring programs don't work on High Sierra