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Question: 2016 Macbook Trackpad Stuck?

Hi everyone,

I have a MacBook Retina 2016 12-inch and in the last few days the trackpad has stopped working properly.

  • The tap function works fine but the click function is what I'm struggling with
  • The trackpad feels like it's physically stuck - I have tried to clear it of possible dirt which hasn't helped
  • I can't press down at all - Can't drag windows or highlight things etc.

I have checked all my settings and that's not the problem. Given the way the trackpad feels, I suspect it is a hardware issue.

I have read things online about a swollen battery but not convinced that's the problem here as the unit is only 18 months old. I'm also not even sure if this is an issue for Macbooks as most things I've read refer to MBP.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Question: 2016 Macbook Trackpad Stuck?