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Question: Categorization Suggestion

You know, iTunes is fine. It's constantly improving, which is good. But it's definitely difficult to browse sometimes.

In particular, it's difficult to tell what's an album and what's a single. This would be fine if the iTunes browser didn't have to be linear, but instead of being tabbable--or previewable, the way the iPhone Safari app is, for example--the user has to click on an item, wait for it to load, and then if it's not what they expected, they have to back up, and try again.

This is a pretty 1997-tastic way to do things. "Bash head against app and repeat."

I understand there are a lot of reasons to do it this way, mainly copyright and HDCP/DRM considerations. I'm sure it also manages bandwidth for the Apple servers pretty well, and that's great. Streamlined is good.

...So, here's the suggestion:

Whenever an artist has regular albums and single albums, categorize the singles differently. Two subcategories for each artist: single and full album. Problem solved, and users don't waste time, get frustrated, and leave without buying something because it's taking forever to find anything new.

Anyway, have a good one. Thanks.

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Question: Categorization Suggestion