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Question: Recover Windows 10 from System Image (Boot Camp)

A Similar Question Has Been Asked Before, But This Is Not The Same Problem.

I had successfully installed Windows 10 on a small partition on my mac, but recently, I had a sudden need for more space, so I decided to recreate the partition.

I created a System Image for my Windows 10 and saved it on an external hard disc. I'm currently on OS High Sierra. I uninstalled and reinstalled windows with more space, without any problems. But I cannot recover my files using the System Image.

When I boot into Advanced Recovery and select "System Image Recovery", it tells me I must boot in from a recovery disc, as the disc (partition) on which Windows is installed will be formatted. But when I boot in from the recovery drive, it doesn't take the partition for Windows as a separate disc - It tries to format the entire disc, Windows and OSX included.

I luckily noticed this before I hit "Format", and after searching online, I found that people had accidentally removed their OSX from the system.

I'm not sure what I should do, since I can't install it from Windows itself, and I cannot install it from an external source either. I can't afford to start over, unless there's a way to extract data from the system image?

I'm thinking of trying to create a partition with disc utility, installing recovery data into it, and trying to recover it from there. Is that possible? If so, how would I install the recovery data into the partition?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Question: Recover Windows 10 from System Image (Boot Camp)