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Question: Automator Process from Text

Hi everyone! Im new around here!

Heres my situation -

Work has implemented a new system for us to clock in and clock out, and they have limited access to the site where we clock in/out to one specific computer. I chose to have them setup my iMac. Only problem is, I travel a lot for work, and always take a different computer with me depending on where I am going. Most of you are probably thinking just remote desktop into your iMac and clock in/out through that... Problem is, work doesn't allow us to remote desktop into our machines for security purposes.

After a bit of searching around, I found this utility called Automator. Heres what I want to do with it:

I have my work phone, and my Mac is tied to my personal phone. So i'm thinking if I can text my personal phone number from my work cell phone (iPhone), it would open this webpage and login to it. Depending on the text I send, it would either clock in or out.

I have it setup to currently open at a certain time and login, but thats based on time and my arrive/leave times are very inconsistent.

iMac with Retina 5K display, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: Automator Process from Text