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Question: Health Data - Workouts - Avtivity Exercise & Exercise

Still a bit confused on the 3 buckets

1) Workouts

2) Activity Exercise

3 Exercise Mins

My Feb 12th data shows 47 mins, 53 mins & 52 mins for the 3 respectively. When you wear the Watch Series 3 and it detects you doing an activity, walking your dog or chasing your kids in the house and the effort is determined to be equal or greater than a Brisk Walk” you get credit for I believe Exercise. One might call this “”Passive Exercise”. You did not actively go into an app and select a workout, such as “Indoor Cycling,, and push start and then stop and save X mins later.

I would call the process of going into an app, selecting a Workout, such as “Indoor Cycling”, do your workout and then x min’s later stop and save as “Active Exercise”.

Given the above, what data goes into one of the 3 buckets?

I suspect I have complicated things as I also wear a heart rate monitor, a TICKR X. I run the Wahoo app OR Heart Graph app. I want to keep the data local to my iPhond and out of the Health Data data. I fount quite have it figured out as my Actuvity Exercise Data shows 425/30MIN. I can assure you I am 45 years north of a period in my life that that I did Exercise 7+ hrs a day.

So how do I learn and understand what goes into what as far as typically your heart date data.

Comments and suggestions on how to use the Watch Series 3 concurrently with a TICKR X and not corrupt the Health Data with duplicate heart rate numbers for the same time stamp

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Question: Health Data - Workouts - Avtivity Exercise & Exercise