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Question: Apple Watch Series 1 Timelapse Issue

I have been using the Apple Watch Series 1 London Timelapse watch face for two years now with no problems. Recently I have had the issue that when all the other Timelapse faces switch from sunset to nighttime the London one remains on sunset until 12am when it will eventually switch to night time. I have done everything to try to fix this issue including going into location services and playing around in there as well as unpairing and setting up my watch as a new one instead of restoring it from backup.

Has anyone else had an issue similar to this? It only happens to one of the six timelapse watch faces, but the London one is my favorite. The London face works and changes time all other times of the day but just won't change from sunset to nighttime.

Any suggestions of how to fix

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Question: Apple Watch Series 1 Timelapse Issue