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Question: GarageBand for iOS: "Optimizing performance..."? Total waste of disk space!

So annoying. The "Optimizing performance..." message in GarageBand often occurs when too many resources are being used, or if performing some operations too quickly. During this process, it causes a large load of the cache to be left over (exactly 200 MB to 1.5 GB in size). If GarageBand is optimizing itself while the specific project is opened, and if the device is turned off, an attempt to switch apps is made, or returning to the home screen (SpringBoard), it can cause GarageBand to crash.

GarageBand will also likely freeze or crash if the error message, "There is not enough free storage space on this iPod to optimize the song." is displayed. Another symptom is when the device is offline, and no projects have been uploaded to my iCloud Storage for a while at the time the device is very low on storage, GarageBand will make an attempt to delete all of my projects permanently (which can be very upsetting) and display a warning that all of my "songs were automatically removed from" my GarageBand "library but retain in" my iCloud Storage. During this scenario, it causes GarageBand to aruptively freeze immediately after the warning is displayed until a restart is made. After a restart is made, I will soon find that all my projects have disappeared, which cannot be recovered from. I will also be unable to make new projects (because the optimization cache is still left over) until I completely uninstall the app and/or delete unnecessary files or apps.

Is there a better way to improve project optimization, without having to leave any large amounts of cache?

iPod touch 6G, 16 GB storage, 8 GB memory, iOS 11.2.6

iPod touch, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: GarageBand for iOS: "Optimizing performance..."? Total waste of disk space!