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Question: Vuze 360 footage with FCP X

Okay, so I'm really excited about producing and editing 360 video, both 2D and 3D. I have used FCP X for many years and I love it. And of course the recent upgrade allows for editing of 360 video. Yay! So I bought a Vuze+ 360 camera, (and dropped about $1,100 doing so) and I am getting NOWHERE. Can FCP X even 'talk' to this video format? I have seen tutorials on editing 360 GoPro, etc. on YouTube but I can't find anything specifically addressing Vuze with FCP X. When I import video clips from the Vuze camera, it appears as just a jumbled mess. I set the viewer to 360, equirectangular, monoscopic, etc. as suggested but it remains basically useless. Can someone tell me what I'm missing, what I'm doing wrong? The free 'Humaneyes' editor works of course, but is very limited and is not in the same league as FCP. Help a rookie out here, please. 🙂

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Mar 4, 2018 2:22 PM in response to Tom Wolsky In response to Tom Wolsky

Yes it comes with software but again it is very rudimentary. Perhaps I could render the clips with that software, then import that in FCP X for further "enhancement"? Or better yet, Apple will add this camera to the list of those supported!

Mar 4, 2018 2:22 PM

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Question: Vuze 360 footage with FCP X