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Question: iPhone X Photos constantly uploading

Just recently returned from an extended vacation where I took a ton of photos and videos on my iPhone X. Some time a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the Photos app on my phone constantly says "Uploading." When I check iCloud.com, my Mac, and my iPad, all the latest photos and videos seem to be there. But there are huge discrepancies. My phone says it has 11,916 photos and 505 videos, and it says it is now uploading 12,432 items! If you do the math, 11,916 + 505 = 12,421, NOT 12,432. My iPad says it has 11,946 photos and 505 videos (12,451 total). The photos app on my Mac says it knows about 9,269 photos and 420 videos (9,689 total - 2,762 short of the highest count). iCloud.com Photos says it knows about 12,450 photos and videos.

So, my iPhone is trying to re-upload more photos than it thinks it has in total. My iPad has the highest count, iCloud.com is one fewer than that, the iPhone seems to be 29 short of the highest total, and my Mac is 'way out of sync.

Now, I can understand being off by one or two items, particularly if I've recently deleted a few on one of my devices and it hasn't synched yet. My iPhone constantly uploading a bogus number has to be a bug - and it must be chewing up resources constantly. Would appreciate any ideas about how to fix this. Maybe reset my phone?

iPhone X, iOS 11.2.6, 256GB

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Mar 5, 2018 9:46 AM in response to TexanInParis In response to TexanInParis

Resetting my phone seems to have fixed it. Photos are now in sync on all my devices. The Photos app on the phone must have been messed up, and that was keeping the other two platforms (three if you count iCloud) confused. All is well now.

Mar 5, 2018 9:46 AM

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Question: iPhone X Photos constantly uploading