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Question: Apple Watch not syncing with Activity

Watch: series3, updated to the newest OS

iPhone8, updated to the newest OS

Been using the watch3 since its launch, everything was fine, Apple watch activity rings always sync to iPhone activity app in real time, until 8 days ago I updated both iPhone and watch to the newest OS (not sure if this is relevant)

Then 6 days ago, I forgot to charge my Watch so when I finally walked home the battery is at 2%. I immediately noticed that the walk registered in the Watch but NOT in the Activity app on iPhone, I thought low battery was the issue and it will sync once I recharge it (again this is just my guess, might be relevant, might not). After like maybe 2hrs I checked the Activity app again, it was synced. I hope this is the end of my story but it's not.

Starting from 5 days ago Watch stopped syncing with Activity altogether. Everything else was syncing fine, notifications, all other apps, everything syncs except Activity. This is utterly annoying as Watch/Activity is important fitness motivation/tool for me.

List of fixes I've tried:

• Check WiFi/bluetooth statues, make sure the watch is properly connected to iPhone; it is

• Check privacy setting on both devices ensure all relevant categories were allowed

• Toggle on/off WiFi/bluetooth/airplane mode, multiple times

• Make sure they are all running the newest OS; yes they are

• Reboot Watch & Phone

• unpair/re-pair Watch

Unfortunately none of these works.

The last resort usually is, returning everything to factory setting. I'm unwilling to give up my data plus there's no guarantee that resetting is the right fix.

I see this issue has happened to multiple other users dated back as early as 3 years ago. I've read several posts here offering advices on this issue but looks like none of them work for op or for me.

Oh I forgot to mention that the achievements system is pretty messed up too, I lost a few badges due to system glitch, I was ****** but that's fine... because magically said gitch has also gifted me some other badges that I don't deserve. I could live with a substandard achievement system but this sync issue seriously kills the deal and makes me want to go back to Fitbit. Apple, you KNEW these issues exist, FIX THEM!

Apple Watch Series 3, watchOS 4.2.3, null

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Question: Apple Watch not syncing with Activity