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Question: Unable to Airplay audio only to Apple TV from iOS


I have a couple of Apple devices at home all with latest OS versions:

Apple TV 4 (non-4K HDR) running 11.2.6

12" MacBook 2016 running 10.13.3

iPad Pro 9.7" running 11.2.6

iPhone X running 11.2.6

I'm not sure when it started, I think with iOS11, the problem is that I can't stream audio only (e.g. from Apple Music app) from iOS devices to Apple TV. It's not a huge problem, since I can stream audio to my Marantz receiver, but I find it really strange!!

I can do screenplay mirroring from iDevices and the audio is then sent along without issues. I can also stream audio from iTunes on my Mac to the Apple TV without issues.

When I choose my Apple TV it tries to connect, but after a second or so App shows it's no longer playing music and the output selection is back to the iOS device itself, if I then push Play again, it plays on the iOS device itself again.

Have you seen similar issues or suggestions for this?

P.S. On my old iPhone 5 with iOS 10, first time connecting it asks for a PIN and then it just works. Maybe the authentication is failing for some reason? Should this on iOS 11 work magically via my iCloud / Apple ID?

Apple TV (4th generation), tvOS 10.1

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Mar 9, 2018 10:45 AM in response to jorik In response to jorik

Same issue here, I cannot get my iPhone to stream audio only, however it works fine when mirroring option is on. If not, the audio widget in the control center shows a few seconds of playing on the AppleTV (which also shows the album jacket in the top right corner), but no audio, and then it pauses and switches back to the iPhone audio output.

Not sure when it started either.

Glad to see it’s probably it a setup issue on my end since I did not change anything and you have tu same issue.

Very annoying on my end as this is the main usage I have of my appleTV.

iPhone X iOS 11.2.6

AppleTV tvOS11.2.6

Mar 9, 2018 10:45 AM

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Question: Unable to Airplay audio only to Apple TV from iOS