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Question: I cannot make phone calls on my iPhone 7

When I attempt to make a phone call on my AT&T iPhone 7 it will ring but the call will ultimately go through. Also during this time it will not give me access to controlling the audio source. If I make the call via my Car, AirPods, Mac or any other source it does go through but when I attempt to switch back to my phone I am unable to hear the party on the other end. They can hear me but I cannot hear them. Also my phone will only let voice mail be hear via the system speaker as opposed to the normal call speaker. It also will not let me make voice memos and over all just seems sluggish. Safari seems to be the worst and will not load for me. Is it possible for Apple Support to remotely take control of my phone? I am willing to be patient just not be able to make a call is a bit stressful with a Wife who is soon to give birth.

iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: I cannot make phone calls on my iPhone 7