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Question: Scan wifi to locate periodic daily drops

My internet connection with Comcast drops off unexpectedly several times each day. When I check AirPort Utility it usually shows:

Internet: Off/No Connection. However, my Airport Time Capsule shows: On/Connected

I want to know how often and when these drops occur. I suspect the fault lies with the two-year old leased Comcast Modem, a Cisco Type XB3, Model DPC3941T with Voice Gateway.

By the time I call Comcast, the issue usually has resolved itself. When the agent remotely tests the connection all appears to OK.

Very frustrating!!!

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013), macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Mar 5, 2018 4:13 PM in response to StacheCache In response to StacheCache

The usual method of checking this is a simple app that pings a server every minute to check the connection is open..

See macos - How to monitor internet connection for interruptions - for Mac OS X - Super User

For some useful suggestions.

Anything like a net logger should work.

Network Logger Pro on the Mac App Store

Or a simple command.. as per above website.

Although the example given has syntax mistakes in later OS.

I am not sure with Comcast but most ISP will place a connection on a monitor if you request it.

Mar 5, 2018 4:13 PM

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Question: Scan wifi to locate periodic daily drops