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Question: Blank preview pane in Mac Mail

I had this problem recently, with Mac Mail in El Capitan. The preview pane was blank and intermittently if I opened items of mail, the content was blank. I see this seems to have been an intermittent problem for many Mac users over the years. I tried a mail "rebuild" and I also tried using the program "Maintenance" to perform various routine housekeeping tasks. None of these solutions worked. I also followed instructions to delete a com.apple.mail file from my Library but when that appeared to have deleted my list of mailboxes I decided to restore that deleted file.

However, restarting the Mac usually solved the problem for a while. What eventually solved the problem permanently for me was to delete an email that had evidently been corrupted, which had only the opening lines plus many blank pages. Fortunately I knew which email it was, and I had only been keeping it because I was trying to find a way of reading the full text.

So that leaves me with this question - if the problem happens again, is there any way of identifying corrupted emails so that they can be deleted, or is the only solution to delete all your emails?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 10

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Question: Blank preview pane in Mac Mail