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Question: Solved: Screensaver not activating

I’ve seen a few threads about screen savers not activating on High Sierra.

Having experienced this problem myself I’d read tons of really complicated solutions...

before you try them, make sure you try this ...

Just check you don’t have any programs running that make your computer think you’re active. This will stop your screen saver coming on.

For me, it was Spotify - it being an open window in any capacity (even while not playing music) made my Mac think I was active. Maybe because it’s streaming ads into the player , I don’t know.

As soon as I quit Spotify (I didn’t try minimising - that might work too) My screen-saver kicked in as it should.

I’m Not a computer genius but sometimes I think those that are - presume that everyone has done basics like this before advising.

If youre like me and are here because youre clueless - maybe this helps.

Whatever your fault, sometimes it can be third party programs that are running that cause this - hence Apple not fixing it with updates.

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Question: Solved: Screensaver not activating