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Question: FCPx share to BluRay Problem

Until 10 days ago I was sharing my project (135mins) successfully to a BluRay image. Then it stopped working with a variety of errors; the .264 file going straight to 100%, rendering error 10008, error burning disc, and just plain not responding. I notice the activity monitor says FCP is using 42gb ram ( I only have 16gb) and the kernel_task was peaking at 9gb on top. I have a late 2011 iMac which has always been brilliant but it looks like it is being pushed to the limit. I upgraded to FCP 10.4 today in desperation and it's worse! Still on MacOs Sierra as didn't trust High Sierra yet. Perhaps someone can tell me which button to press?

By the way, it shares perfectly well to .m4v and .mov formats.

Final Cut Pro X

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Question: FCPx share to BluRay Problem