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Question: iPod Touch 6 Gen Missing Lyrics

I've been reading a number of posts about Lyrics issues on the iPod Touch 6G. I recently bought this unit to replace my 4G unit, and I have to say I'm very, very confused. I see two main issues with my new 6G unit in relation to Lyrics:

1. Lyrics, which are clearly loaded on iTunes and can be viewed as being on my iPod Touch 6 unit when connected to the laptop, cannot be viewed on the Touch when this is used stand alone. Some lyrics appear, some are unavailable and cannot be viewed. Here's an example - Abba Gold, Track 1 Dancing Queen. I can see the lyrics in iTunes, I can see it on my Touch 6 when it is attached BUT, when I look at Dancing Queen on my Touch 6 when disconnected, then there are NO lyrics available. I then go to the second track, Knowing Me Knowing You, and I can see the lyrics on iTunes, on the Touch when it is attached AND I can see the lyrics on the Touch when it is used stand alone and I cannot make sense of this. Its worth noting that the above is not confined to this album and other tracks have "missing"/unavailable Lyric content on the Touch 6, while they are clearly visible in iTunes and on the Touch 6 when connected. My iPod Touch is running 11.2.6, and iTunes is on the most current verision

2. The way to access Lyrics is now cumbersome and poor compared to my Touch 4G which was a simple double click on the track in play. I'm not sure why Apple have made this change in to what is a cumbersome and poor way of accessing lyrics - it certainly is a backward step.

Appreciate if anyone knows of a solution or is this an underlying bug in iTunes ?

iOS 11.2.6, iPod Touch 6Gen (purchased mid Feb)

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Question: iPod Touch 6 Gen Missing Lyrics