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Question: Images in document are washed out Pages v6.3.1 (5249


I am a teacher and I am currently using Pages v6.3.1. I created a document last year for my design class and now when I open it the colors are washed out on about 90% of all of the images in the document. Initially, I opened the file on My MacBook Pro (late 2013 running High Sierra). However, the weird thing is when I open it up on an iMac (late 2015, running Sierra and Pages same version) at school all of the images open up as they should and they look fine. The other strange thing is when I open the file up on my iPad Pro the images are grayed out again. See images below.

My MacBook:

User uploaded file

My School iMac:

User uploaded file

My iPad Pro:

User uploaded file

I can go in and tweak each picture individually sort of... by changing the middle levels slider all the way to 100% then pressing Enhance... see below

User uploaded file

I can just change each picture if I have to individually... but the thing is, why is it displaying correctly on the school's iMac.

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Mar 9, 2018 12:42 PM in response to jasondusko In response to jasondusko

High Sierra defaults to Display P3 color space. Good possibility that the iPad Pro does too. The iMac running Sierra may be using sRGB, or different default calibration for that iMac screen, than what you observe on the laptop. By default, I believe Pages v6.3.1 uses either Generic RGB, or sRGB for the document color space (even when you tell it you want CMYK).

This may not be the only explanation for your document color variance between Macs and operating system versions.

Mar 9, 2018 12:42 PM

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Question: Images in document are washed out Pages v6.3.1 (5249